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Wall Mounted Barrier

 Magnetic Wall Mountable Retractable Belt Barrier(ABS)

 Magnetic Wall Mountable Retractable Belt Barrier(ABS)
Material: ABS
Belt length: 2m/5m/10m


· If you think the traditional wall mounted barrier is trouble to install, the magnetic wall mountable retractable belt Barrier will be your best choice.The back of the barrier and the belt clip both have powerful magnet, so its installation is just to attach the two parts to any metal surface directly, not need any mounting hardware. 

· it is ideal solution for the area is limited or the restriction is temporary.

· All our wall mounted barriers made of ABS can be with powerful magnet,the belt length can be 2m, 5m and 10m.

· Braking system for slow belt retracting and belt clip with lock can help to avoid accident

· 3 years warranty





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